About the Blog

Hi, I’m Grace Sheffield, the writer and publisher for Discovering Grace, a creative lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY, travel, recipes, style, and other areas of creative inspiration. Launched in 2016, Discovering Grace is a place where creative passion comes to life through purpose and authenticity. I invite readers to step out and pursue honest, creative lives. That may mean you finally try that craft project that caught your eye months ago. You might also find the encouragement to look inward and develop your goals and aspirations. My hope is to provide content that inspires and encourages you to do just that.

About Me

Photo credit Beauty for Ashes PhotographyI live in beautiful Greenville, SC with my husband, Brett, and our adorable cat, Ellie. Brett and I love watching Netflix and playing Mario Kart. We are also big fans of outdoor activities like camping or simply walking around downtown Greenville. Some of my favorite things are game nights with friends, traveling to new places, champagne, & tacos. I love a suspenseful novel or tv drama (Scandal, anyone?) and cold brew coffee. My current (read: ongoing) creative project is decorating and styling our first home.  I am motivated more than ever to tackle some of our small renovations and I can’t wait to share those with you.

The truth is, I dreamed of starting a blog for years, but lived in-between fear of failure and lack of creative spark for most of that time. However, 2016 provided me with renewed confidence and determination to pursue my passion. Discovering Grace is a journey of self-discovery, but it is also about extending grace to myself and those around me. I believe grace and truth should be at the very center of everything we say and do, so this blog is a way for me to propel that forward. Our society is full of comparison and judgment and I refuse to be part of the rivalry that so often plagues us. Therefore, my desire is to see creative minds come together and make a better world. I hope you enjoy following along on this journey of discovering grace.