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Planning a Neutral Nursery

Preparing for life with a baby is one of the most special experiences of my life. While it’s tempting to become overwhelmed by the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even social changes that accompany pregnancy and life with a baby, I am striving to be fully present during this season and enjoy every moment. Life is full of unknowns and many things we cannot control, so I’m learning greater trust and finding satisfaction in planning where I can.

I can hardly believe that October is 2 days away! With only about 12 weeks remaining before baby Sheffield makes his arrival, I am starting to feel the urgency to prepare a place for him. I want his room to be inviting and uplifting, especially during those 3 AM feedings.  One note of importance: I want to create a neutral nursery, no matter the gender. My ideal space is bright and airy with natural wood, textured rugs or wall hangings, baskets, and plants. Creating a mood board for the nursey helps me stick to my vision. Here you can see the items that are providing the inspiration for my nursery makeover.Neutral Nursery Mood Board - Discovering Grace

pendant light | logging truck | rug | plant | letter board | wooden toy camera | mirror | crib | rocker | teether | dinosaur plush | wall hanging | swaddle | baskets | tripod floor lamp | changing table

Can you tell I’m obsessed with all things ‘W’? Wood, woven [textures], and white! I’m so excited to start making this vision a reality. My favorite part of interior decorating is the transformation of a “blank canvas” room. Plus, I have extra motivation since this space will be where our little bundle of joy learns, plays, & grows over the years. We highly anticipate his introduction into our lives and my heart is overflowing with gratitude during this season of preparation.

Big Announcement

Hello, friends! I’ve recently taken a bit of a hiatus here on the blog, but I have a pretty good reason. Are you ready for my big announcement? Many of you already know and I have waited far too long to post on the blog…we’re having a baby! Brett and I are beyond excited to be on this journey together. Every day I thank God for the miracle of life and feel truly humbled at the opportunity to be a mother to this little gift.DG - Baby AnnouncementMy sweet friend, Katherine, knitted this little plush kitten and I’m obsessed!

Generally, I’m fairly private when it comes to my pregnancy (particularly on social media), but I do want to document updates here along the way. Today, I thought I would share my answers to a handful of some of the more common questions I am asked when I tell people I’m pregnant.

  • How far along are you? 18 weeks!
  • When is your due date? So, I’ll go ahead and let you know I will be referring to this date as my “guess date” from here on out as that removes the mental pressure and expectation of a specific birth date. Guess date = December 21st. That’s right…a Christmas baby.
  • Do you know the gender yet? We will know in 3 weeks and I cannot wait! I promise to share here on the blog once we find out!
  • Do you have any cravings? Umm. Is everything a craving? Seriously, I mostly crave savory foods over sweet, which means all. the. carbs. I’ve been focusing on eating more vegetables in my second trimester since I kind of threw my normal diet out during the first 12-14 weeks. I also joined the YMCA, so my activity has increased. Exercise has been super enjoyable for me lately, so let’s hope that continues!
  • How do you feel? Honestly, I feel amazing. I consider myself extremely fortunate because I feel better pregnant than before I was pregnant. My hormones seem more balanced (crazy, right?!) and I have more confidence. I get tired earlier in the evenings than before, but falling asleep on the couch has sort of become a ritual, haha. Overall, I love being pregnant!
  • Have you thought of any names yet? We have and I think we’ve settled on a couple options for either gender, but it’s definitely difficult when you don’t know whether you’re having a boy or girl. We’ll be able to decide in a few weeks and that’s very exciting!
  • How will this change the blog? For the record, no one has asked this question, but I want my readers to know what they can expect from this new chapter of life. I will have regular posts under the category of “Motherhood” ranging from registry items to nursery DIYs. Additionally, I plan to have regular posts after our baby is born regarding helpful tips and parenting experience. I don’t want the blog to change drastically, but I’m open to whatever direction it takes over the next year or so. I will still be providing content you expect from a lifestyle blog, with an added feature for motherhood.

Lastly, I want to offer my deepest sympathy for mothers who have experienced loss of a child and those women who desperately long for motherhood with no results. I can’t imagine your pain, but I do know that your hurt has purpose and your story is impactful. You are never alone and I pray God meets you in the midst and carries you, peacefully, to a place of comfort and joy.