DIY Minimal Wall Clock Makeover

So, I have a confession to make. I am kind of obsessed with wall clocks. Whenever I’m in Target, I linger on the aisle with all the clocks and try to picture each of my favorites in different rooms around my house. I’ve also seen some really beautiful and simple modern clock options on West Elm and Crate & Barrel. Though I love some of these options, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a DIY project. So, I set out to find a clock at a local thrift store and make my own DIY version.

This project is one of the simplest and most affordable DIYs to-date. Since I already had the spray paint I wanted to use, I only had to pay for the clock which ended up being $3 at Goodwill. You will likely need to replace the batteries with fresh ones, so that could add to your total cost, but we also had extra batteries at home.


-Clock (I found mine at Goodwill, but you could always buy an inexpensive option somewhere else depending on the size you want and your budget)

-Spray paint ( I chose matte black and rose gold, but the possibilities/combinations are endless)



Step 1 (not pictured): Clean the clock. Since this was a used, thrift store find, it had accumulated a bit of dust and grime. It’s always good to make sure you get rid of as much dust/dirt as possible prior to spray painting. A spritz of glass cleaner did the trick and cleaned it right up!

Step 2: Take the clock apart and separate the pieces into 2 areas (one for each color of paint).

[Please pardon my very fancy “spray paint osb”…this is real life :)]

Step 3: Paint all parts with designated color choice.

Step 4: Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 5. Put clock parts together.

Step 6: Hang & admire!

I am thrilled with the result! The minimal look really appeals to my love for all things modern/Scandinavian! My favorite thing about this project is how simple and versatile it is! You could choose any colors or patterns to fit your home decor style.  I have a feeling I will repeat this project again with a bit of a twist. Be sure to send me a photo if you recreate this project!

Friendsgiving 2016

It seems that Friendsgiving has become an increasingly popular holiday to celebrate over the past few years and I won’t complain. Close friends, delicious food, pretty decorations…what’s not to love? Plus, I am a firm believer in using any reason to have a party!

While I am a huge fan of all holidays, Thanksgiving is always a season where I intentionally take time to reflect on the previous year and each relationship or growth opportunity I am grateful for. This year has been exceptionally full of changes and growth both for me and my closest friends. This is likely one of the last times that the 10 of us will celebrate a holiday before embarking on the journey of parenthood, so I felt it was especially important to gather this year. I decided we should have a Friendsgiving celebration for reflection as well as anticipation.

Friendsgiving 2016 TablescapeOne of my favorite aspects of any party is the tablescape. Friendsgiving was no exception. After perusing Pinterest for a couple of weeks, I created my place settings and decor using inspiration from a few of my favorite fall tablescape looks. To accommodate 10 people, we needed to put 2, 6’ tables end to end. I knew I wanted neutral tablecloths so that every accent would stand out. After going to about 6 different stores, I ended up finding the light gray fabric tablecloths at Party City. They were an extremely affordable option ($10 each), especially since I knew the cloth wouldn’t be a focal point. For napkins, I wanted cloth in a mustard yellow. I found a pack of 12 at Home Goods for $14.

Friendsgiving 2016 Place setting

For plates, I decided to use our white, everyday set from IKEA. White is perfect as a blank canvas and doesn’t distract from the other elements I wanted to display. As it turns out, Party City provided the solution to another problem I had: gold cutlery. I currently have 6 sets of gold flatware from Target, but I needed 10 for Friendsgiving. While I hope to acquire more sets over time, the holiday budget is tight, so I opted for sturdy, plastic gold cutlery. Several of my guests actually asked me where I bought my gold cutlery when they first arrived and saw the table! I was so happy that the plastic, budget-friendly option (32 forks, knives, & spoons for $25) achieved the “real” look for less.

Friendsgiving 2016 Place setting - Tara

Friendsgiving 2016 Tablescape detailsI debated long and hard about place cards. There are so many creative options for fall! I chose magnolia leaves because we have 3 huge magnolia trees in the center of our neighborhood and I love incorporating natural elements. I used a gold paint pen for the names. Rather than create a single centerpiece, I made a live runner of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s (duh) with pomegranates and my vintage brass candlestick collection. I absolutely love how it turned out! I wish I could leave it decorated like this forever.

Here you can see some extra elements from our celebration like the bar cart, turkey, & cheese boards.

Friendsgiving 2016 TurkeyFriendsgiving 2016 Bar CartFriendsgiving 2016 Cheese BoardI can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life! Once again, I was reminded how life-giving friendship is, particularly when food & laugher are in abundance. I hope you all take time this season to celebrate and make memories with the ones you love.